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Becoming a freelancer was not something I considered when I started back to school and began wittling away at my second degree. It just kind of happened.

It started shortly after I graduated in 2013. A friend and I started helping several local small businesses with their web related needs.

Now as a freelance web developer I provide a cost-effective development option for businesses, non-profits, and other freelance professionals.

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  • Name : Jay Barker
  • Age : 32 Years Old
  • Phone : 864-415-7596
  • Email : barkernj26@gmail.com
  • Address : P.O. Box 1044, Taylors, SC 29687
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Work Experience
2013 / July Present

Web Developer/Designer

I build and design websites to fit just about any budget! Oh, and I do some graphics and photography too!
2008 / Aug 2010 / Nov

Sales Associate

While I may have been titled "Sales Associate" in the books; I DID IT ALL! I even dressed the mannequins.
2007 / May 2007 / Oct

Assistant Manager

Toys R Us
Trained Department Supervisors on how to effectively disarm laughing kids weilding light sabers down the aisles.
2003 / May 2005 / July

Sandwich Artist

Learned how to make the most delicious sandwiches! Custom, made to order sandwiches in less than a minute.
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2010 / Aug 2012 / Dec

University of South Carolina Upstate

Computer Information Systems
After being accepted into the College of Mathematics and Computer Science in August of 2010, I successfully completed the requirements for my Computer Information Systems degree by December of 2012. My focus was Networking and Security which included courses in Web Development, Database Implementation, Computer Networks, Cryptography, Robotics, and Systems Hardware and Software. We studied and programmed with languages like Java, C#, SQL, PHP, and Javascript.
2002 / Aug 2006 / Dec

University of South Carolina

Journalism and Mass Communication
I received my first degree from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Here in the college of Journalism and Mass Communication my major was Advertising. I successfully completed advanced courses in Account Management, Marketing Law, and Advertising Campaigns. During my 4 years at USC I also minored in Media Arts, gaining experience with photography, audio and video equipment, Photoshop, and audio/video editing software.

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web Services

Web Development

HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Squarespace
It is of the utmost importance to consider how your website will function. Behind all the gorgeous content is the source code doing what it's supposed to do? Are your potential customers being directed to your contact page properly? These are just a couple of the infinite number of questions to consider when developing a site and I can help you every step of the way.

Responsive Web Design

HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop
It is always in your best interest to consider how your website's content will look on multiple devices big or small. Do you have a "Call To Action" and is it being attractively displayed? Does the content on your site, such as text and images look amazing on a monitor and just as impressive on a mobile device? If not, get in touch with me and we'll make sure it does.

Email Templates

These days email marketing is something almost every business should be looking into, especially if you have a customer base you can use to create an email list. Then you'll want to plan out an emailing campaign, create some beautiful email templates and send them my way. Like lightning, I'll work my coding fingers and build a pixel perfect magnificinetly functioning template.
Graphic Services

Image Editing

JPEG, PNG, GIF, 2D Vectors
A little touch up here, a little touch up there! Need some cropping, text or maybe a few colors changed? Need your images sized down or optimized to decrease your website's loading speed. You name it, I'll do it.

Graphic Design

Photoshop, Illustrator
I do not consider myself a graphic designer, I leave all the heavy lifting to professionals I enjoy collaborating with. BUT, I still get requests from customers who have always been satisified with my graphic design work. I've even done a book cover or two you can see below.


RAW, 4k, Subjects and Products
Photography is a hobby more so than something I do professionally. But I love it and have a passion to continue to become better! Similiar to my graphic design work, if you're on a budget but you still want high quality results I'm always trying hard to deliver. See some photos below.
More Services

Hosting Account Management

GoDaddy, Hostgator, Squarespace

Google Analytics

SEO Tool


Keywords, Metatags, Speed

Speed Optimiztion

Google, Bing, Yahoo


Conception, Recording, Editing

Social Media

Building, Linking, Generating

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